Sober woman framed with ‘drunk driving’ charges after cop crashes into her vehicle

May 2, 2014 Site Staff 0

MILWAUKEE, WI — A young woman had her neck broken in four places after her vehicle was T-boned by a police officer who blew through a stop sign. Even though she was completely sober, the police charged with drunk driving and tried to shift the blame onto her instead of the party at fault. When evidence surfaced that showed her innocence, it was hidden and ignored. The deputy responsible was never punished.

Fourteen armed agents raided animal shelter to execute captive baby deer

November 2, 2013 Site Staff 304

KENOSHA, WI — An animal shelter was swarmed with more than a dozen armed government agents after its employees began caring for a baby deer. The intruders stormed the facility with the premeditated intention of executing the fawn, to the horror of shelter employees. Email collaboration between the agents indicates that they “looked forward” to the raid.