Justice Stevens proposes gutting the 2nd Amendment

April 14, 2014 Site Staff 0

Retirement has not stopped former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens from attacking basic individual rights. In a recent opinion article, he advocated officially changing the constitution so that only government managed entities may be armed.

ATF raids gun parts shop to obtain names of 5,000 customers; cracks safe

March 17, 2014 Site Staff 2

NATIONAL CITY, CA — When the ATF insisted a firearms parts retail shop hand over the names of 5,000 customers, the store owner refused and obtained a restraining order against the harassing agency. Nonetheless, gun-wielding ATF agents showed up in force, broke into the shop, cracked the safe, and stole client list and a large amount of merchandise.

D.C. businessman, family suffers SWAT raid over ‘unregistered ammunition’

December 3, 2013 Liz E 267

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the capital city of the Land of the Free, a businessman and his family were subjected to a violent paramilitary raid for suspicion of exercising one of the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Nearly nearly 3 dozen armed SWAT agents held the family at gunpoint and even used a battering ram to rip a naked child out of the shower. The incredible use of force was initiated because of D.C.’s infamous gun control laws. Even more shocking is the fact that the homeowner could still be put in federal prison, despite the fact that not a single firearm was found in his home.

Police shoot 13-year-old boy while walking home with toy rifle

October 23, 2013 Site Staff 184

SANTA ROSA, CA — An innocent boy faced a deadly encounter with police when they thought he was exercising the right to bear arms. Deputies shot the young teen several times because they thought he was holding an “assault weapon” — something that the government elites believe they have the exclusive right to carry. It turned out that he was only holding a phony plastic toy. The eighth grader was pronounced dead in a grassy field that he was crossing on his way home.

Innocent man fights to get son back after having life destroyed by New Jersey gun control laws

October 19, 2013 Site Staff 289

NEW JERSEY — A man who hurt nobody, and technically broke no laws, was still turned into a convicted felon and has had his life ruined thanks to New Jersey’s tyrannical gun control laws. Four years later, and still fighting to clear his name, Brian Aitken makes a desperate attempt to get his son returned to him, whom he hasn’t seen in years. And he needs our help.

California doubles its number of full-time gun-seizure agents raiding homes of ‘prohibited persons’

August 25, 2013 Josh B 351

CALIFORNIA — Recent increases in budget and staff are enabling California cops to escalate their efforts to confiscate guns from people the state has deemed to be “Prohibited Persons” — people living amongst the public whom the state has decided, for one reason for another, are not deserving of exercising all of the inalienable rights enumerated in the Constitution. Victims of these disturbing raids describe how residents are met with overwhelming numbers of cops, frightened into letting the cops into their homes, and in at least some cases, are forced to the ground with guns pointed in their faces while police seize their property.