Supreme Court: Police can stop vehicles based on anonymous tips

May 25, 2014 O.D. 1

The circumstances involving how Navarette came to be stopped and his truck subsequently searched provided the basis for a Fourth Amendment case that ultimately went before the highest court in the nation. At issue is whether the Fourth Amendment allows police to stop a vehicle based on an anonymous tip of reckless driving without first witnessing the alleged behavior.

Federal court rules that stiff driving posture is suspicious behavior

May 1, 2014 Site Staff 1

NEW MEXICO — A federal appeals court has ruled that driving one’s hands at the “ten-and-two position” is reason enough to pull someone over for further investigation. No traffic laws have to actually be broken Additionally, the court ruled that facial acne is reason enough to suspect the driver is a drug smuggler.

Federal court rules that non-criminal behavior can justify a ‘border stop’

January 3, 2014 Guest 5

A combination of non-suspicious driving characteristics can give rise to the suspicion of criminal activity in the opinion of the full Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals. In a Christmas Eve ruling, the judges weighed whether Border Patrol agents were right to conduct a “border stop” of a red Ford F-150 pickup truck on Interstate 15 while 70 miles north of the border with Mexico.