Ohio man records police, gets tased and arrested for not surrendering phone

May 11, 2014 Site Staff 1

LIMA, OH — A man calmly stood on a street and exercised his right to record police as they performed a traffic stop. Even though he was simply a bystander and not involved in any wrongdoing, he became the subject of police scrutiny when officers wanted to confiscate his phone as “evidence.” When he politely refused, he was arrested on a charge of obstructing law enforcement — put not before being tased and hospitalized by police.

Miami police kill 2 unarmed suspects by shooting disabled car 377 times

May 9, 2014 Site Staff 0

MIAMI, FL — In perhaps the largest case of contagious fire on record, a suspect’s vehicle was riddled with hundreds of bullets in a chaotic an frenzied show of police force following a pursuit. Witnesses emphatically said that the vehicle’s 2 occupants were trying to surrender, but that did not stop a total of 23 police officers from firing at least 377 shots at the vehicle. The officers’ wild volleys of bullets struck not only the suspects, but also neighboring houses, businesses, vehicles — even fellow police officers.

Innocent mother shot dead answering door for police

February 24, 2014 Site Staff 1

BASTROP COUNTY, TX — A 47-year-old mother was shot to death in her home after opening her front door for police officers. Officers made transparent attempts to justify the shooting by alleging that she threatened them with a gun, even though no evidence corroborates that story, and nobody can imagine the woman holding a gun to anyone.

Police shoot 13-year-old boy while walking home with toy rifle

October 23, 2013 Site Staff 184

SANTA ROSA, CA — An innocent boy faced a deadly encounter with police when they thought he was exercising the right to bear arms. Deputies shot the young teen several times because they thought he was holding an “assault weapon” — something that the government elites believe they have the exclusive right to carry. It turned out that he was only holding a phony plastic toy. The eighth grader was pronounced dead in a grassy field that he was crossing on his way home.

Marijuana raid leaves unarmed New Orleans man dead in his home

October 11, 2013 SovereignSon 294

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Footage recorded by a NOPD officer during a SWAT raid helped secure a conviction on another officer who shot and killed an unarmed man inside his own home. This rare instance of accountability is marred by the fact that no law or policy changes have been made, assuredly setting up more violent scenarios in the future in the name of drug prohibition.

Off-duty cop shoots unarmed driver after minor collision; family says it ‘doesn’t add up’

September 7, 2013 Site Staff 260

SAN ANTONIO, TX — A family says things are “not adding up” after their loved one was shot on the side of the road after an altercation in traffic. The shooter was an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, and witnesses say that they saw the deceased man’s body still in the driver’s seat after being shot in the chest. Instead of being arrested, the shooter is now on administrative leave.