Family seeks help with schizophrenic family member, police arrive and tase, shoot him

May 12, 2014 Site Staff 0

HOUSTON, TX –A family received more than they bargained for when they requested the help of local police in dealing with a mentally ill family member. To “defuse” a situation involving a delusional man who had locked himself in a bathroom with a knife, police kicked in the door, screamed obscenities, tased him several times, and finally shot him to death. The horrifying scene was captured through a hidden camera set up by family members who were distrustful of police.

Man tased, put on trial after police kicked down his door without warrant

January 28, 2014 Site Staff 6

COTATI, CA — A couple and their roommate were terrorized when police officers broke down their front door and tased a husband in response to a noise complaint. Despite the shocking video that captured the incident, the police were cleared for breaking into the home and assaulting the 3 occupants, and instead one of the victims was put on trial.

Uniformed killers walk free after beating and tasing unarmed homeless man to death

January 14, 2014 Site Staff 11

FULLERTON, CA — In 2011, a group of police officers brutally beat an unarmed homeless man to death on a street corner with clubs, fists, and repeated electric shocks. The story got national attention when the video of the attack showed the mentally ill man wailed for his father as police bludgeoned him mercilessly. The story reached its heartbreaking conclusion when a jury announced that the police officers who had been charged with his death would all walk away as free men. The frustrating story shows that even in the rare instances when police officers face criminal charges for their brutality, their position of power makes it incredibly easy for them to get away with murder. The only objection the Fullerton Police Department had with the behavior of their officers was their use of profanity.

Woman says her 14-year-old son was tortured, tasered in the face while handcuffed

November 27, 2013 O.D. 267

TULLYTOWN, PA — A woman turned to Facebook and social media for help in seeking justice for her son whom she says was severely injured during his violent encounter with the police and then isolated from her for three days. She says that her son was “brutally tortured” by Bucks County police officers after being arrested, handcuffed, and shocked in the face by a Taser.

Father tased by police upon discovering his toddler’s death

November 12, 2013 Liz E 222

FULTON COUNTY, GA — A man grieving the loss of his two-year-old son found little sympathy from the police state in Georgia. The man, returning home after being notified of the boy’s death, was tased for attempting to enter his own home to see his son.

Neighbors said that when the boy’s father was notified of the attack while at work, he rushed home and tried to enter his home to see what had happened to his son. Officers advised the man to stay back, but the grieving man continued to attempt to gain entry to his home, saying “You’ll have to shoot me. I’m going to see my son,” according to a police spokesman.

It was then that police used a taser to subdue the man.

Texas police shot, tasered 67-year-old Alzheimer’s patient when she wouldn’t drop letter opener

October 8, 2013 O.D. 275

LEWISVILLE, TX — Police repeatedly shot and then Tasered a mentally ill 67 year-old woman for not immediately complying with their orders to drop a letter opener. David and Dolores Seyfried’s already difficult life together was made that much harder when overzealous police officers violently subdued her, treating them both like unruly criminals without charging either of them with a specific crime. Her suffering was made worse, and their home was unnecessarily searched by officers whose disregard for the Fourth Amendment demonstrates a clear contempt for the very people they are charged to “serve and protect.”

Cop holds entire family on ground with Taser, faces no consequences

September 18, 2013 Site Staff 168

TOLEDO, OH — A bizarre scene was recorded in Toledo involving an officer aiming his Taser at an entire family, including a boy, as they were forced to lay in the middle of the street. According to witnesses, the aggressive encounter originated when a man questioned the way an officer was handling a license plate citation for his neighbor. The man who spoke up, and his entire family, were ripped from their vehicle and threatened with a taser.