Video exposes Philadelphia’s abusive stop & frisk tactics

October 13, 2013 Site Staff 267

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Two men walking down the sidewalk in Philadelphia got the police state treatment when they were stopped by a pair of aggressive police officers, shoved against a police car, searched without probable cause, and verbally harassed and threatened. This event was only remarkable because one of the men had the foresight to record it. These tactics are regularly employed against innocent pedestrians in Philly and other big cities.

‘Region Stop Team’ hits Northwest Indiana with stop & frisk tactics

September 6, 2013 Site Staff 175

NORTHWEST INDIANA — Roving teams of police are going town to town using a controversial policing tactic that was once limited to tyranny centers like New York City. The teams are stopping people for any menial reason, and “fishing” for criminals. Often people are stopped for giving a “suspicious” look or walking in an area where previous crimes have occurred.

Labor Day ‘Mackinac Bridge Walk’ will feature warrantless bag searches

August 30, 2013 O.D. 370

ST. IGNACE, MI — An annual tradition since 1958, the Labor Day walk/run across the Mackinac Bridge creates the kind of family memories that last a lifetime. New for this year, families and friends will have the demeaning experience of police performing warrantless bag searches to add to their priceless memories and timeless photographs. For the 56th annual event, the Michigan State Police (MSP) will conduct searches of bags, purses, and backpacks for all attendees wanting to make the walk across the bridge — all without probable cause of a crime.

Detroit police are training to ‘Stop & Frisk’ the public without probable cause

August 20, 2013 Site Staff 275

DETROIT, MI — One of the nation’s most offensive and controversial policing tactics is being expanded in Detroit. Stop & Frisk is an aggressive policing technique used in some big cities, allowing cops to order a citizen against a wall for a body search, based only on a “reasonable suspicion,” rather than actually having probable cause or a warrant. Ridden with joblessness, homelessness, corruption, and crime, Detroit residents are looking for an answer, foolishly expanding the police state in hopes of safety and order.

Armed TSA teams now roam in public, conduct ‘suspicionless searches’ on demand

August 14, 2013 Site Staff 206

America’s illusions of freedom are becoming more and more transparent, with the federal government’s now standard practice of deploying armed agents to actively roam public venues and conducting “suspicionless searches” on anyone they want. The TSA sends out its Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams to set up unannounced checkpoints used to “Dominate, Intimidate, & Control” American travelers. The purpose of VIPR teams is to maintain a presence in public areas and force travelers to submit to searches, including opening up bags and being patted down.

NYC’s ‘stop & frisk’ will be reformed but not eliminated

August 12, 2013 Site Staff 368

NEW YORK CITY, NY — The city’s notorious policy of allowing police officers to approach any pedestrian and submit them to a search has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. The usual suspects, who have caused “Stop & Frisk” to flourish, are offering harsh criticisms of the decision.