Ron Paul says we live in a police state, but offers optimism

January 29, 2014 Site Staff 3

We know we aren’t imagining a problem when a leading intellectual think tank holds a conference specifically devoted to the topic of the American police state. Former Congressman Ron Paul was invited to speak at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute’s event in Houston, titled “The U.S. Police State.”

The Police State in Review, 2013

January 2, 2014 Site Staff 28

While some “journalists” would have you believe the biggest stories of 2013 were about twerking celebrities and over-hyped real-life courtroom sagas, much bigger events were happening with far more lasting national significance. The foundation of an American police state is already laid and making its existence known, while most of the country remains blissfully focused on sports, reality shows, establishment pseudo-news, and other distractions.

The Federal Reserve: A century of tyranny

December 24, 2013 Site Staff 174

Aside from the ignorance and apathy of American voters, the biggest enabler of the American police state is the central bank, which provides limitless cash supplies to the government. December 23rd marks the 100th anniversary of this bank, called the Federal Reserve (or “the Fed”). This historic anniversary is no reason to celebrate; rather it is time we reflect on the practically invisible, yet unimaginably devious system which has been robbing Americans for the last century.