Cop shoots service dog during kid’s birthday party

February 11, 2014 Site Staff 3

FILER, ID — An officer took a neighborhood dispute over unleashed dogs into his own hands. After arriving at the dog-owner’s house, the cop immediately started kicking the dog and in a matter of 38 seconds had shot it to death. The community is outraged after viewing the video, showing a questionable use of force that the police chief praised.

Police told man they would return to ransack his home, kill his dogs

December 5, 2013 Site Staff 276

KANSAS CITY, MO — An innocent man got a unexpected visit from police that left him shaken and fearing for his safety. Upset that he did not consent to a warrantless search of his home, officers told the man that if they had to return with a warrant, that they would be sure to ransack his home and kill his dogs in the process.

Puppycide: Can a Documentary Save Dogs?

November 11, 2013 Oz 279

As a Texas woman re-lived her experience of having police arrive at the wrong address and kill her dog, I learned an interesting film-making lesson: It’s hard to focus a camera when your eyes are welling with tears.

300-pound officer shoots 12-pound terrier, claims it threatened his life

October 28, 2013 Oz 264

ALBANY, GA –- A routine visit by probation officers to a Georgia woman’s trailer ended in the use of lethal force against her two-year-old, 12-lb Jack Russel terrier/cocker spaniel mix, Patches. The 300-lb officer claimed that the dog threatened his life and required lethal force to protect himself.

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