New York school sets up security checkpoints, bans backpacks, restricts bathroom access

June 2, 2014 Site Staff 1

WANTAGH, NY — Students at a Long Island high school are being subjected to security protocols resembling those found at an airport. Upon entry, students are warrantlessly searched at security checkpoints. Students’ textbooks and belongings must be carried in plastic baggies, since backpacks have been prohibited. The lockers have been sealed and remain off limits to students. Even bathroom usage is restricted; students are required to sign-in to use the one accessible bathroom in the building for each gender. The measures are topped off with a brand new high-tech surveillance system throughout campus.

Ohio teen faces felony when car searched at school, pocketknife discovered

April 8, 2014 Site Staff 1

JEFFERSON, OH — A young man’s future may potentially be shattered after he was charged with the victimless act of keeping a pocketknife in his vehicle while at school. So far he’s been kicked out of school, spent 13 days in jail, been given a psych evaluation, and tracked with an electronic ankle bracelet. A felony conviction could cause him to spend up to a year behind bars, and derail all of his career aspirations in public service.

The Police State in Review, 2013

January 2, 2014 Site Staff 28

While some “journalists” would have you believe the biggest stories of 2013 were about twerking celebrities and over-hyped real-life courtroom sagas, much bigger events were happening with far more lasting national significance. The foundation of an American police state is already laid and making its existence known, while most of the country remains blissfully focused on sports, reality shows, establishment pseudo-news, and other distractions.

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