Police raid wrong home, throw innocent woman into yard half-naked

June 21, 2014 Site Staff 0

SAN BRUNO, CA — An innocent couple and a 93-year-old grandmother were terrorized when masked, gun-wielding police officers performed a surprise pre-dawn raid on their home. The younger woman was flung into the front yard unclothed and the elder woman was so badly traumatized that she had to be hospitalized.

Elderly cancer survivor tackled, charged with ‘resisting’ after he couldn’t hear commands

May 9, 2014 Guest 0

COEUR D’ALENE, ID — Police responded to a call about a man who had been “creepy” while attempting to use an outdoor phone booth in sub-freezing temperatures. The man they found was a senior citizen who’s hearing impairment prevented him from immediately responding to officers’ commands. Police tackled him, ripped out his feeding tube, and then charged him with resisting arrest.

FBI raids 91-year-old man’s artifact collection

April 3, 2014 Site Staff 1

WALDRON, IN — Around 100 FBI agents swarmed an elderly man’s house in rural Indiana. The Federal government has set up a command post with trucks and military-style tents. The feds showed up to sort through his lifetime collection of world artifacts that he had gathered over the course of his 91 years. The agents claim they want to make sure he “acquired the items properly” — effectively making him prove his innocence — even though the man has not been accused of breaking any laws.

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