Rick Santorum on the issues

July 27, 2015 Site Staff 0

CANDIDATE: Rick Santorum PARTY AFFILIATION: Republican DOB: May 10, 1958 OCCUPATION: Lawyer, Politician CONSTITUENCY: Pennsylvania POLITICAL HISTORY: U.S. Senator (1995-2007)   In politics, records count […]

Trooper cleared after stomping on innocent man’s skull while handcuffed

April 15, 2014 Site Staff 1

EXTON, PA — Police followed an innocent man into his home, believing that he was a fleeing suspect. When the man protested being handcuffed on his own floor with strangers searched his home, an officer cussed at him and stomped on his head, causing multiple facial fractures and shattered teeth. The scene was so gruesome that a cop testified against a fellow cop. Yet instead of being fired, that stomping officer was later promoted, and now has been officially cleared of violating the victim’s civil rights.

Woman says her 14-year-old son was tortured, tasered in the face while handcuffed

November 27, 2013 O.D. 267

TULLYTOWN, PA — A woman turned to Facebook and social media for help in seeking justice for her son whom she says was severely injured during his violent encounter with the police and then isolated from her for three days. She says that her son was “brutally tortured” by Bucks County police officers after being arrested, handcuffed, and shocked in the face by a Taser.

Video exposes Philadelphia’s abusive stop & frisk tactics

October 13, 2013 Site Staff 267

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Two men walking down the sidewalk in Philadelphia got the police state treatment when they were stopped by a pair of aggressive police officers, shoved against a police car, searched without probable cause, and verbally harassed and threatened. This event was only remarkable because one of the men had the foresight to record it. These tactics are regularly employed against innocent pedestrians in Philly and other big cities.