Solitary confinement for students will continue: Oregon’s ‘isolation booths’

September 6, 2013 Site Staff 212

PORTLAND, OR — Last year, a parent’s outrage over a government school locking her child a padded cell without her knowledge or permission caused so much outrage that a new state law was passed, prohibiting schools from purchasing or using free-standing “seclusion cells” or “isolation booths,” as they are called. With the new taking effect, some schools are scrambling for a way around the provisions, so they can continue to place students in solitary confinement at their discretion.

Deputies caught admitting traffic stop was illegal on their own camera

August 19, 2013 Valerie Salvati 350

MALHEUR COUNTY, OR — After performing an illegal traffic stop along the side of the highway, police officers made shocking admissions in the privacy of their police cruiser, explicitly saying that the stop had been illegal and they would probably be getting sued. They topped off their frustration when they realized that their discussion was documented in their own video recording of the incident. “We’re going to get sued… We’re going to be in a world of hurt here… Dammit, I was still recording!”