Ohio man records police, gets tased and arrested for not surrendering phone

May 11, 2014 Site Staff 1

LIMA, OH — A man calmly stood on a street and exercised his right to record police as they performed a traffic stop. Even though he was simply a bystander and not involved in any wrongdoing, he became the subject of police scrutiny when officers wanted to confiscate his phone as “evidence.” When he politely refused, he was arrested on a charge of obstructing law enforcement — put not before being tased and hospitalized by police.

Ohio teen faces felony when car searched at school, pocketknife discovered

April 8, 2014 Site Staff 1

JEFFERSON, OH — A young man’s future may potentially be shattered after he was charged with the victimless act of keeping a pocketknife in his vehicle while at school. So far he’s been kicked out of school, spent 13 days in jail, been given a psych evaluation, and tracked with an electronic ankle bracelet. A felony conviction could cause him to spend up to a year behind bars, and derail all of his career aspirations in public service.

Cleveland celebrates New Year’s Eve with full body patdowns on the public square

January 1, 2014 Site Staff 30

CLEVELAND, OH — City officials invited residents to bring in the new year in a hyper-controlled gathering in Cleveland’s Public Square. People were told that for entering the square they would be subjected to a “full inspection of your person” and “a complete pat down.” Checkpoints were conducted to detect a list of prohibited items so long that would make a prison guard blush.

‘Homicide’ coverup? Inmate hung from 9′ jail ceiling an hour after being threatened by deputies

December 6, 2013 Site Staff 163

GEORGETOWN, OH — An hour after a failed escape attempt, an inmate was found hanging from a bedsheet while alone in his cell. After examining the death, the coroner has ruled that it was “physically impossible” for the inmate to reach the 9′ ceiling and hang himself without assistance, ruling the death a homicide. A dark cloud looms over Brown County, given that the inmate was under the supervision of the same deputies who had threatened to kill him on video earlier that morning.

Cop holds entire family on ground with Taser, faces no consequences

September 18, 2013 Site Staff 168

TOLEDO, OH — A bizarre scene was recorded in Toledo involving an officer aiming his Taser at an entire family, including a boy, as they were forced to lay in the middle of the street. According to witnesses, the aggressive encounter originated when a man questioned the way an officer was handling a license plate citation for his neighbor. The man who spoke up, and his entire family, were ripped from their vehicle and threatened with a taser.