Strict Baltimore curfew places minors in detention centers past bedtime

June 7, 2014 Site Staff 0

BALTIMORE, MD — The City Council of Baltimore voted to create one of the most stringent government curfew systems in the nation. Under the new restrictions, youths will be legally permitted to appear in public for only a few hours per day. Police may seize them on sight and take them to detention centers where they will be interrogated by social workers. Parents face stiff fines and jail time if their children are discovered in public during curfew hours.

New York school sets up security checkpoints, bans backpacks, restricts bathroom access

June 2, 2014 Site Staff 1

WANTAGH, NY — Students at a Long Island high school are being subjected to security protocols resembling those found at an airport. Upon entry, students are warrantlessly searched at security checkpoints. Students’ textbooks and belongings must be carried in plastic baggies, since backpacks have been prohibited. The lockers have been sealed and remain off limits to students. Even bathroom usage is restricted; students are required to sign-in to use the one accessible bathroom in the building for each gender. The measures are topped off with a brand new high-tech surveillance system throughout campus.

Michigan teen fined $200 after using naughty words in public park

May 23, 2014 Site Staff 0

BRIGHTON, MI — A teen was fined hundreds of dollars for using unsanctioned speech on public property, igniting a debate about the freedom of speech. After being ordered by police to leave a public park for no apparent reason, the young man let his frustration known by dropping “the F-bomb,” which resulted in government retaliation.

Gun-wielding beverage cops terrorize women in dark lot after they bought bottled water

March 27, 2014 Site Staff 1

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — A trip grocery shopping for three young women was abruptly ended when a gang of seven unidentified men in threatened them in a parking lot with guns and tried to abduct them. The women successfully made a harrowing escape from the assailants, aimed a pistol at them and tried to break their windows as they screeched away, screamed in terror. When the women called 9-1-1, they discovered that the gang was actually a group of plainclothes beverage cops intent on inspecting the bottled water they had just purchased from the supermarket. The victims were then treated with malicious prosecution.

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