Michigan teen fined $200 after using naughty words in public park

May 23, 2014 Site Staff 0

BRIGHTON, MI — A teen was fined hundreds of dollars for using unsanctioned speech on public property, igniting a debate about the freedom of speech. After being ordered by police to leave a public park for no apparent reason, the young man let his frustration known by dropping “the F-bomb,” which resulted in government retaliation.

Kids traumatized after SWAT team ransacks wrong home

May 6, 2014 Site Staff 0

KALAMAZOO, MI — A family was terrorized and accosted when a masked paramilitary outfit unexpectedly broke through their back door. Frightened children hid in a closet as the masked invaders spent hours tearing apart all the possessions in the home. The family assumed they were being attacked by robbers, but it turned out to be a SWAT team sent from the local “Department of Public Safety.”

Michigan CPS has gigantic secret list of parents labeled ‘child abusers’ without due process

March 21, 2014 Site Staff 2

MICHIGAN — Hundreds of thousands of parents have been flagged as “child abusers” in a huge database maintained in secret by Michigan’s Child Protective Services (CPS) agency. The names are entered into the database without due process, without a judicial hearing, without an opportunity for defense, without a conviction, and without even letting the individuals know they have been targeted.

Michigan farming family being shut down by whining neighbors and zoning control

September 7, 2013 O.D. 188

MATTAWAN, MI – For the past three years, the Hunter family has pursued their vision of happiness by building a hobby farm on their property. Although the family has complied with all regulations demanded of them from the township, complaints from well-connected neighbors have threatened to destroy everything they have worked to build. Kelly Vander Kley Hunter and her family have now been told to reduce the number of animals on the property or risk being shut down by the same zoning enforcement company that affirmed their compliance with township regulations.

Labor Day ‘Mackinac Bridge Walk’ will feature warrantless bag searches

August 30, 2013 O.D. 370

ST. IGNACE, MI — An annual tradition since 1958, the Labor Day walk/run across the Mackinac Bridge creates the kind of family memories that last a lifetime. New for this year, families and friends will have the demeaning experience of police performing warrantless bag searches to add to their priceless memories and timeless photographs. For the 56th annual event, the Michigan State Police (MSP) will conduct searches of bags, purses, and backpacks for all attendees wanting to make the walk across the bridge — all without probable cause of a crime.

Detroit police are training to ‘Stop & Frisk’ the public without probable cause

August 20, 2013 Site Staff 275

DETROIT, MI — One of the nation’s most offensive and controversial policing tactics is being expanded in Detroit. Stop & Frisk is an aggressive policing technique used in some big cities, allowing cops to order a citizen against a wall for a body search, based only on a “reasonable suspicion,” rather than actually having probable cause or a warrant. Ridden with joblessness, homelessness, corruption, and crime, Detroit residents are looking for an answer, foolishly expanding the police state in hopes of safety and order.