Two women cavity searched by police after being pulled over for littering

May 25, 2014 Site Staff 1

ADDISON, TX — After being pulled over for littering, two women say police insisted that they must be carrying marijuana in their body cavities. One after the other, using the same latex glove, the officer performed a search by rubbing all over the womens’ breasts, and then inside their pants where the victims say that their finger penetration into each of their body orifices.

DEA retroactively gets warrant after violent, botched raid on wrong address

May 22, 2014 Site Staff 0

ALPINE, TX — Federal agents violently raided a tobacco shop, unnecessarily broke down the door, tampered with surveillance cameras, and allegedly cracked a woman in the neck with a rifle stock. In the process, they also raided a neighbor’s home, only to later cover their tracks by acquiring a warrant retroactively. The carnival of injustice was complete when witnesses were ordered to recant their stories under penalty of law.

Federal court rules that stiff driving posture is suspicious behavior

May 1, 2014 Site Staff 1

NEW MEXICO — A federal appeals court has ruled that driving one’s hands at the “ten-and-two position” is reason enough to pull someone over for further investigation. No traffic laws have to actually be broken Additionally, the court ruled that facial acne is reason enough to suspect the driver is a drug smuggler.

Man drank urine to survive 5 days of solitary confinement

April 24, 2014 Site Staff 1

SAN DIEGO, CA — Federal agents raided a college party and rounded up several attendees. One student was told he was going to be released, but was instead locked in a tiny closet-sized dungeon, where he spent 5 days locked in blackness in a without food or water. The “forgotten” prisoner was ignored for days as he screamed for help, drifting into delirium and recycling his own urine to survive. No one responsible for his torture was ever punished.

CPS snatched infant because of legal medical marijuana prescription

April 8, 2014 Site Staff 1

NAPA, CA — A man was placed into handcuffs, a woman sobbed uncontrollably, and their 11-month-old boy was seized by social workers and put into foster care — all because of legally prescribed medical marijuana. It didn’t matter that no law had been broken; Child Protective Services has the power to split apart families in an instant with no due process, and regularly does across the country.

Woman experiences DEA raid at 5:00AM after shopping for indoor gardening supplies

April 6, 2014 Site Staff 1

SHOREWOOD, IL — A woman became the subject of an investigation when she was observed shopping for indoor gardening supplies at a hydroponics store. Police and federal agents began staking out the woman’s home, sifting through her garbage, and monitoring her electricity usage. The investigation prompted gun-wielding agents to show up in her bedroom in the middle of the night.

CPS works to suppress video evidence, keep 5-year-old separated from innocent parents

March 23, 2014 Barry Cooper 1

In a bizarre case of what some are calling government-sponsored kidnapping, CPS recently punished a war veteran for recording CPS and now Child Protective Services are seeking a court order to stop the father from recording them. The two videos below are what CPS considers private and therefore cannot be viewed by the public. In an attempt to hide their inner workings from the public, CPS requested an emergency hearing for Tuesday and will be asking a Ventura County, California judge to order the removal of both videos.

Texas deputy dies performing no-knock, no-announce SWAT raid for marijuana

February 7, 2014 Site Staff 0

BURLESON COUNTY, TX — Tragedy struck when police pursued an aggressive no-knock, no-announce SWAT raid on a marijuana user with no history of violence in his record. One deputy was shot when the homeowner picked up a rifle to protect his family from what he thought were home invaders. The officer’s life is over and the homeowner will now face trial that could put him in prison for a long time because of a confrontation that never needed to happen.

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