Militarized police besiege community, take over 400 kids after false police report

May 15, 2014 O.D. 0

ELDORADO, TX — An anonymous hoax phone call alleging child abuse prompted a massive show of force upon a small religious community. Armed with automatic weapons, SWAT teams, helicopters, and an armored personnel carrier, a paramilitary police force descended upon the the peaceful, cooperative community, prepared to treat everyone as guilty until proven innocent. What happened next was the largest child custody action in Texas state history, resulting in the forceful separation of over 400 children from their families.

Police ram innocent man off the road & open fire; claim it was ‘a reasonable mistake’

November 23, 2013 Site Staff 273

TORRANCE, CA — Police officers rammed into an innocent motorist’s vehicle so violently that they knocked off a wheel, then opened fire and riddled the truck with bullets. The motorist was then yanked from his vehicle and had a gun held to his head. Many months have passed and the criminal cops are still being protected and kept anonymous, and the victim has yet to be adequately compensated.

Innocent citizens held at gunpoint in terrifying California checkpoints

October 27, 2013 Site Staff 208

ROSEVILLE, CA –Innocent citizens traveling down public streets had a terrifying experience when they were forced through a warrantless government checkpoint in which armed men pointed guns at their heads while they proved their innocence. Police were looking for a suspect in a recent shooting and were using the opportunity to roll out aggressive checkpoints.