Recording equipment went missing in half of LAPD cars examined

April 9, 2014 Site Staff 1

LOS ANGELES, CA — A scandal has been discovered inside LAPD, in which nearly half of the squad cars in one division had their recording equipment tampered with, making accountability more difficult for the dozens of officers involved. The troubling discovery was exacerbated by the fact that police supervisors made little effort to keep the oversight commission informed.

Police ram innocent man off the road & open fire; claim it was ‘a reasonable mistake’

November 23, 2013 Site Staff 273

TORRANCE, CA — Police officers rammed into an innocent motorist’s vehicle so violently that they knocked off a wheel, then opened fire and riddled the truck with bullets. The motorist was then yanked from his vehicle and had a gun held to his head. Many months have passed and the criminal cops are still being protected and kept anonymous, and the victim has yet to be adequately compensated.

Unarmed man shot in the back by Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies, family sues

August 29, 2013 infidel4life 137

LOS ANGELES, CA — A family has filed a lawsuit over the killing of an unarmed man by police last year. Witness statements and the autopsy report contradict the officer’s story, drawing into question whether the use of force was justified at all. It would be hard to make that case for how putting 5 rounds in the back of someone who was unarmed was justified.