Indiana sheriff wants military vehicles because “the USA has become a war zone”

June 9, 2014 Site Staff 1

PULASKI COUNTY, IN — As the Department of Defense continues to flood America’s local police departments with military equipment, some cops are letting the propaganda and the free toys go to their heads. One sheriff in Indiana let out a disturbing admission that he views America as a battlefield — making it imperative, in his opinion, to equip his deputies with gear fresh out of the hands of U.S. soldiers fighting overseas.

FBI raids 91-year-old man’s artifact collection

April 3, 2014 Site Staff 1

WALDRON, IN — Around 100 FBI agents swarmed an elderly man’s house in rural Indiana. The Federal government has set up a command post with trucks and military-style tents. The feds showed up to sort through his lifetime collection of world artifacts that he had gathered over the course of his 91 years. The agents claim they want to make sure he “acquired the items properly” — effectively making him prove his innocence — even though the man has not been accused of breaking any laws.

Indiana man sentenced to 8 months in federal prison for teaching people to beat polygraphs

September 7, 2013 Site Staff 301

ALEXANDRIA, VA — An Indiana man thought he had the freedom to speak about controversial topics and teach others what he knows. The Federal Government disagreed. This week that man found out that the penalty for free speech is 8 months in federal prison. He taught people how to beat polygraph tests. The case has sparked a debate about whether or not the right to lie, or teach others to lie, should be protected under the First Amendment.

‘Region Stop Team’ hits Northwest Indiana with stop & frisk tactics

September 6, 2013 Site Staff 175

NORTHWEST INDIANA — Roving teams of police are going town to town using a controversial policing tactic that was once limited to tyranny centers like New York City. The teams are stopping people for any menial reason, and “fishing” for criminals. Often people are stopped for giving a “suspicious” look or walking in an area where previous crimes have occurred.