Woman experiences DEA raid at 5:00AM after shopping for indoor gardening supplies

April 6, 2014 Site Staff 1

SHOREWOOD, IL — A woman became the subject of an investigation when she was observed shopping for indoor gardening supplies at a hydroponics store. Police and federal agents began staking out the woman’s home, sifting through her garbage, and monitoring her electricity usage. The investigation prompted gun-wielding agents to show up in her bedroom in the middle of the night.

Molly Young’s mysterious gunshot to the head: ‘Suicide’ or murder coverup?

November 12, 2013 O.D. 255

CARBONDALE, IL — A woman’s mysterious death last year — dismissed as a “possible” suicide — has led to her family, along with tens of thousands of concerned citizens, still clamoring for justice. When Molly Young turned up shot in the head in her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom, circumstances have led to her family claiming the investigation was “botched” and rife with preferential treatment for the police-employed suspect. Skeptics have been unable to comprehend how two grown men misidentified bloody gunshot to the head as a drug overdose, how a man did not hear a gun blast emitted in the same room in which he was sleeping, why the gun was found with no fingerprints after discharging on her weak side, and how investigators shrugged off the suspect’s claims that the fresh 6-inch scratches on his side were given to him by Molly’s corpse during CPR attempts.

No one fired after woman ‘humiliated & groped’ during naked strip search in jail

October 14, 2013 Liz E 165

LA SALLE COUNTY, IL — A woman says she was harshly treated after being detained for a suspected DUI. Surveillance video shows her being forced to the ground by several deputies, carried into a small room, and forcibly stripped naked. Now, the victim is seeking justice, and others are stepping forward claiming that they, too, were forcibly stripped naked by deputies.

Woman’s face shattered after being launched into concrete jail cell bench

October 10, 2013 Site Staff 138

SKOKIE, IL — Disturbing video evidence has been released of an incident that left a woman’s face so badly injured that she needed facial reconstructive surgery. The woman is filing an excessive force lawsuit against Skokie police after being thrown face-first into a bench inside a jail cell, followed by alleged false statements to justify the unprovoked assault.

National Guard troops may be considered to patrol Chicago’s violent ‘hotspots’

September 22, 2013 Site Staff 284

CHICAGO, IL — As the Windy City continues to be plagued with violence — rampant assaults, rapes, and shootings — Illinois leaders are struggling to find a solution (or press an agenda). But their preference toward authoritarian tactics becomes quickly evident, as the suggestion of deploying National Guard troops is apparently not off the table. This extreme measure has been pushed several times in recent years as Chicago’s murder rate has escalated to embarrassing levels. Will recent acts of violence be the catalyst that these police state advocates need to send in soldiers?

Students taught that government is ‘family;’ a caretaker that should be obeyed

September 1, 2013 Site Staff 267

SKOKIE, IL — A homework assignment was given to children at a public school which revealed the true nature of this nation’s education model: to condition impressionable young people to accept the paternal role of the state; trusting, accepting, and obeying the state’s wishes as you would your own family. This familial role of the state has been formally advocated since the onset of public education in America.

Throwing 3 cigarette butts onto the ground in Illinois could soon make you a felon

August 29, 2013 Site Staff 250

ILLINOIS — Dropping cigarette butts out a car window could now result in felony charges in Illinois, according to an amendment to the state’s Litter Control Act, passed this month. A 3-strike offender could receive years of imprisonment and tens of thousands of dollars in fines, plus living the scarlet letter of being a convicted felon, and all the freedom-restricting things that come along with that title.