Retiree dies mysteriously in police custody, cops try to have him quickly cremated

May 29, 2014 Site Staff 1

KEY WEST, FL — A retiree died mysteriously in police custody and was inexplicably hauled off to a crematorium and nearly incinerated — before any autopsy was performed and without notice or consent of the family. Police reports contradict eyewitness video; the family insists a murder coverup took place; and conflicts of interest appear to exist among the state’s investigation team.

Paralyzed man raided by SWAT, sentenced to 25 years for possessing his own medicine

May 26, 2014 Site Staff 0

FLORIDA — A wheelchair-bound man, suffering from paralysis and multiple sclerosis, was raided by masked, gun-wielding agents and ultimately sentenced to 25 years in prison for possessing a one-month supply of his own doctor-prescribed painkillers. Mandatory minimum sentencing laws enabled this to happen, and remain a dangerous threat to the freedom of Americans who have never been accused of a violent crime.

Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards

May 21, 2014 Site Staff 0

MIAMI, FL — A torturous “punishment” session turned fatal for a mentally-ill prisoner, when prison guards forced him to stand in a tiny shower stall while being blasted by scalding hot water until his skin began to shrivel away from his body and he died. Fellow inmates say he begged for his life before collapsing in the shower.

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