Prosecutors knowingly sent innocent man to prison for 25 years

April 10, 2014 Site Staff 0

NEW YORK, NY — A man spent nearly 25 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. In fact, there was proof that he wasn’t even in the same state at the time of the crime, but prosecutors withheld that evidence, and coerced a false witness, in an effort to achieve an expedient conviction of a completely innocent man.

Uniformed killers walk free after beating and tasing unarmed homeless man to death

January 14, 2014 Site Staff 11

FULLERTON, CA — In 2011, a group of police officers brutally beat an unarmed homeless man to death on a street corner with clubs, fists, and repeated electric shocks. The story got national attention when the video of the attack showed the mentally ill man wailed for his father as police bludgeoned him mercilessly. The story reached its heartbreaking conclusion when a jury announced that the police officers who had been charged with his death would all walk away as free men. The frustrating story shows that even in the rare instances when police officers face criminal charges for their brutality, their position of power makes it incredibly easy for them to get away with murder. The only objection the Fullerton Police Department had with the behavior of their officers was their use of profanity.

Drug court judge allegedly drunk during proceedings; goes to rehab instead of jail

December 30, 2013 SovereignSon 5

BROWARD COUNTY, FL — A Florida judge presiding over misdemeanor drug cases reportedly showed up to work intoxicated and had to be removed from court. In a palpable irony, even a person who has dedicated her career toward meddling in other people’s lives and using the force of government against them is herself incapable of keeping herself sober at work. The judge faces no legal consequences and instead of being carted off to jail like so many of the recreational drug users she has dealt with, she will voluntarily put herself in rehab.

Corrupt crime lab chemist faces light sentence after ruining countless lives with falsified evidence

November 25, 2013 Site Staff 313

MASSACHUSETTS — In one of the largest frauds in Massachusetts history, a state crime lab analyst used her position of analyzing chemical evidence to intentionally forge results in order to get convictions for prosecutors with whom she had friendly ties, and to satisfy her drive to imprison drug offenders. After years of tampering with evidence her actions may have tainted more than 40,000 drug samples, involving thousands of defendants.

Molly Young’s mysterious gunshot to the head: ‘Suicide’ or murder coverup?

November 12, 2013 O.D. 255

CARBONDALE, IL — A woman’s mysterious death last year — dismissed as a “possible” suicide — has led to her family, along with tens of thousands of concerned citizens, still clamoring for justice. When Molly Young turned up shot in the head in her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom, circumstances have led to her family claiming the investigation was “botched” and rife with preferential treatment for the police-employed suspect. Skeptics have been unable to comprehend how two grown men misidentified bloody gunshot to the head as a drug overdose, how a man did not hear a gun blast emitted in the same room in which he was sleeping, why the gun was found with no fingerprints after discharging on her weak side, and how investigators shrugged off the suspect’s claims that the fresh 6-inch scratches on his side were given to him by Molly’s corpse during CPR attempts.