CPS nabs teenager because she was hanging out with black people

December 4, 2013 Site Staff 318

HOUSTON, TX — A teenage dance student took a trip out of state with two fellow dancers to spend a weekend taking classes with some of the top professionals in the industry. The weekend came to an abrupt end when she was seized by police and put into the hands of Child Protective Services because of the way her companions looked.

Innocent man fights to get son back after having life destroyed by New Jersey gun control laws

October 19, 2013 Site Staff 289

NEW JERSEY — A man who hurt nobody, and technically broke no laws, was still turned into a convicted felon and has had his life ruined thanks to New Jersey’s tyrannical gun control laws. Four years later, and still fighting to clear his name, Brian Aitken makes a desperate attempt to get his son returned to him, whom he hasn’t seen in years. And he needs our help.

Obamacare law grants money for use on invasive ‘home visiting programs’

August 14, 2013 Site Staff 373

The Federal Government has devised a way to incentivize local governments to implement invasive “home visiting programs” for so-called “high-risk populations.” The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” has provisions for millions of dollars in to be spent on “interactions” between private families and social workers, looking for a reason to intervene. Legislators in some states have become concerned enough about the invasiveness of program to introduce efforts to nullify this provision law, among others.

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