Court orders man to remove criticism of cop from the internet

April 4, 2014 Site Staff 1

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO — A man felt that he was harassed during an encounter with a police officer. While investigating a noise complaint, the cop demanded that the homeowner surrender his guns. The homeowner recorded the incident and placed the evidence online to expose the abusive government agent. The man’s act of free speech is now being censored, as he has been ordered to remove all by a court that has demanded he remove all videos, pictures, and text that identifies and criticizes the officer that wronged him.

CPS works to suppress video evidence, keep 5-year-old separated from innocent parents

March 23, 2014 Barry Cooper 1

In a bizarre case of what some are calling government-sponsored kidnapping, CPS recently punished a war veteran for recording CPS and now Child Protective Services are seeking a court order to stop the father from recording them. The two videos below are what CPS considers private and therefore cannot be viewed by the public. In an attempt to hide their inner workings from the public, CPS requested an emergency hearing for Tuesday and will be asking a Ventura County, California judge to order the removal of both videos.

Signs protesting government theft stolen by government with heavy machinery

February 27, 2014 Site Staff 0

HONOLULU, HI — Free speech is under fire in Hawaii as the government took dramatic measures to stifle a woman’s criticism of the government made peacefully in her own yard. When she put up signs protesting the city’s habit of stealing private property, the government sent heavy machinery to literally drive onto her property and steal her signs.

Father charged for speaking about his daughter’s kidnapping

February 19, 2014 Site Staff 1

BOSTON, MA — A father is being charged by the state of Massachusetts for speaking about the kidnapping of his daughter and the oppression his family has endured for the last year. After reaching emotional, physical, and financial exhaustion, Lou Pelletier decided that the only way to save his daughter was to speak out and make his daughter’s story as public as possible. A judge’s “gag order” may cause him to be punished for exercising his right to free speech.