Two women cavity searched by police after being pulled over for littering

May 25, 2014 Site Staff 1

ADDISON, TX — After being pulled over for littering, two women say police insisted that they must be carrying marijuana in their body cavities. One after the other, using the same latex glove, the officer performed a search by rubbing all over the womens’ breasts, and then inside their pants where the victims say that their finger penetration into each of their body orifices.

Woman was probed, cavity searched, & X-rayed re-entering the USA

December 19, 2013 Site Staff 186

EL PASO, TX — An American woman was humiliated and sexually assaulted for hours when she tried to re-enter the United States at a checkpoint manned by U.S. border patrol agents. Suspecting she had drugs inside her orifices, the federal agents detained her, chained her to a table, and subjected her to a series of invasive and traumatic cavity searches, finger penetration, scans and X-rays… all without a warrant. She was then billed for the “services.”

Traffic stop leads to forced 14-hr anal cavity search, X-rays, colonoscopy on innocent man

November 5, 2013 Site Staff 1

DEMING, NM — A man has filed a lawsuit stating that a traffic stop led to a series of forced medical procedures when a police officer thought he was clenching his butt cheeks. His lawsuit says that without his consent, he was taken to a medical facility and where he was forcibly X-rayed multiple times, sedated, given several enemas, required to give multiple stool samples, subjected to fingers penetrating his anus during multiple cavity searches, followed by an actual colonoscopy where cameras probed his intestines for drugs. The startling 14-hour ordeal failed to find any contraband inside his body.