Michigan teen fined $200 after using naughty words in public park

May 23, 2014 Site Staff 0

BRIGHTON, MI — A teen was fined hundreds of dollars for using unsanctioned speech on public property, igniting a debate about the freedom of speech. After being ordered by police to leave a public park for no apparent reason, the young man let his frustration known by dropping “the F-bomb,” which resulted in government retaliation.

DEA retroactively gets warrant after violent, botched raid on wrong address

May 22, 2014 Site Staff 0

ALPINE, TX — Federal agents violently raided a tobacco shop, unnecessarily broke down the door, tampered with surveillance cameras, and allegedly cracked a woman in the neck with a rifle stock. In the process, they also raided a neighbor’s home, only to later cover their tracks by acquiring a warrant retroactively. The carnival of injustice was complete when witnesses were ordered to recant their stories under penalty of law.

Town bans acts of charity because it undercuts need for government agencies

May 13, 2014 Site Staff 0

DAYTONA BEACH, FL — A charitable couple that devotes weekly time to feeding the homeless and hungry have been slapped with matching $375 fines as recognition for their acts of kindness. The town and county are deploying police to forcefully stop and punish people who privately feed the homeless because it reduces the need for government-run social services.

Ohio man records police, gets tased and arrested for not surrendering phone

May 11, 2014 Site Staff 1

LIMA, OH — A man calmly stood on a street and exercised his right to record police as they performed a traffic stop. Even though he was simply a bystander and not involved in any wrongdoing, he became the subject of police scrutiny when officers wanted to confiscate his phone as “evidence.” When he politely refused, he was arrested on a charge of obstructing law enforcement — put not before being tased and hospitalized by police.

Feds besiege rancher over land dispute, confiscate his cattle herd

April 11, 2014 Site Staff 0

BUNKERVILLE, NV — A veteran cattle rancher is being besieged by the federal government in a dispute over land rights. The rancher’s family has been using the sprawling desert plains of Nevada for cattle grazing for generations, but the federal government claims that in doing so, he is trespassing — on public land. In an effort to stop him at all costs, they have deployed helicopters, heavy machinery, dozens of federal agents armed with tasers and sniper rifles, and loads of bad attitude.

Court orders man to remove criticism of cop from the internet

April 4, 2014 Site Staff 1

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO — A man felt that he was harassed during an encounter with a police officer. While investigating a noise complaint, the cop demanded that the homeowner surrender his guns. The homeowner recorded the incident and placed the evidence online to expose the abusive government agent. The man’s act of free speech is now being censored, as he has been ordered to remove all by a court that has demanded he remove all videos, pictures, and text that identifies and criticizes the officer that wronged him.

CPS works to suppress video evidence, keep 5-year-old separated from innocent parents

March 23, 2014 Barry Cooper 1

In a bizarre case of what some are calling government-sponsored kidnapping, CPS recently punished a war veteran for recording CPS and now Child Protective Services are seeking a court order to stop the father from recording them. The two videos below are what CPS considers private and therefore cannot be viewed by the public. In an attempt to hide their inner workings from the public, CPS requested an emergency hearing for Tuesday and will be asking a Ventura County, California judge to order the removal of both videos.

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