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Police State USA’s goals are to continue producing quality, original work, expand our viewership and our volunteer staff, recover our invested costs & continually cover our recurring fees, and even potentially someday give something to our contributors.  To accomplish these goals we need to expand our reach and generate some funding.  You can help!  We need people spreading the word, chipping in, and creating content.  I have been pleased with the support I’ve been given so far, but we have room for more volunteers, even anonymous helpers online.

Thank you so much for your continued support of this cause.

1. Share our articles on social media sites
Post our articles on your personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on.  Reach out to your friends and family this way.

Secondly, you could help by forwarding a couple of our articles to a few large Facebook pages, whenever you think of it.  Not more than a few at a time, or Facebook will block you.  But it is important to reach out to other influential groups for support.

2. Share our articles with news aggregator websites
Submit our articles to Reddit, Infowars, Drudge, and other popular websites.  Create posts on online discussion forums featuring our articles.

2.1  How to use Reddit

Reddit is a powerful website that I have been focusing on lately.  It would be very helpful if people in this audience would register a Reddit account so that they can boost our reach within the Reddit community.  Our reach is based on how many upvotes your articles get.  Doing these things regularly would be very useful.

One easy way is to simply log-in and upvote our articles.   Find them here (submitted by PSUSA) and here (submitted by others).

A second step would be to submit our articles to Reddit yourself.  Here are a few relevant Reddit areas that I use.  (Not limited to these!)

3. One-time contribution
If you find the information on this website valuable, and believe in this cause, please consider helping to defray the costs with a good will offering.  Custom amounts may be sent through PayPal, the address is
4. Monthly contribution
To ensure our ongoing success, provide us with a continual contribution so we can worry less about bills and more about the news. 

Monthly Payment

5. Hand out fliers in public
Some have asked for printable handout material that can be passed out in public.  I am developing a series of newsletters and info-sheets that you can print and distribute at your leisure.  These could be helpful in reaching out to people who don’t use social media.  Check out our Handouts page for more information.

6. Volunteer to write for Police State USA
If you are a proficient writer and you believe in this cause, then consider volunteering your time to help us expose the threats we face.  There are more injustices occurring than our current team has the time to write about.  Writers must exhibit good grammar, use proper sources, present accurate facts, and remain faithful to the theme of this page and to the truth.

7. Volunteer to research for Police State USA
I have a long-term project that requires diligent, independent volunteers to compile loads of data that will some day become a useful tool in exposing the police state.  Volunteers need to be able to pay close attention to details, work with spreadsheets, write short summaries using proper grammar, and work without much input from me.

8. Sponsorship / Advertising is seeking advertisers and sponsors.  Contact us to discuss these options further.



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