Deputies caught admitting traffic stop was illegal on their own camera

August 19, 2013 Valerie Salvati 350

MALHEUR COUNTY, OR — After performing an illegal traffic stop along the side of the highway, police officers made shocking admissions in the privacy of their police cruiser, explicitly saying that the stop had been illegal and they would probably be getting sued. They topped off their frustration when they realized that their discussion was documented in their own video recording of the incident. “We’re going to get sued… We’re going to be in a world of hurt here… Dammit, I was still recording!”

Cops shoot therapy dog during raid on wrong address over expired vehicle registration

August 19, 2013 Bobby Caselnova 291

LEANDER, TX — Leander Police went to the home of James and Renata Simmons acting on a warrant for unpaid vehicle registration on June 17, 2013. The warrant, however, was for a completely different town – Cedar Park, TX, and was for a person named Bradly Neal Simpson, someone the Simmons family, who have lived at this address for the past nine years, have never even heard of.

U.S./Canadian border deal allows cross-border policing, with foreign cops exempt from local law

August 17, 2013 Site Staff 273

Since the creation of the European Union, critics say that the same globalist interests would attempt to create a similar union in North America. Such a drastic shift in governance often requires a long series of small steps, over the course of many years, in order to allow the public to become acclimated to international authorities taking charge. One such step towards a North American Union is the advent of cross-border policing.

Government couldn’t convict farmer on milk charges, but they got him for his chicken eggs

August 16, 2013 Site Staff 331

ST. CLOUD, MN — Last year a farmer faced a jury trial over charges that he delivered unprocessed, raw, dairy milk — just the way members of his co-op liked it. In September 2012, his jury set him free, finding him not guilty on all three charges, reported But that wouldn’t be the end of the harassment this well-respected member of the community would face from government bureaucrats.

Journalist dies in firey crash while exposing scandals in the CIA

August 15, 2013 Site Staff 406

LOS ANGELES, CA — Award-winning journalist, Michael Hastings, died in a single-car accident, only hours after writing an alarming warning to his colleagues about drawing the attention of federal agencies. It has now been confirmed that among the several big stories he was working on, one of them was about the current director of the CIA.

Armed TSA teams now roam in public, conduct ‘suspicionless searches’ on demand

August 14, 2013 Site Staff 206

America’s illusions of freedom are becoming more and more transparent, with the federal government’s now standard practice of deploying armed agents to actively roam public venues and conducting “suspicionless searches” on anyone they want. The TSA sends out its Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams to set up unannounced checkpoints used to “Dominate, Intimidate, & Control” American travelers. The purpose of VIPR teams is to maintain a presence in public areas and force travelers to submit to searches, including opening up bags and being patted down.

NYC’s ‘stop & frisk’ will be reformed but not eliminated

August 12, 2013 Site Staff 368

NEW YORK CITY, NY — The city’s notorious policy of allowing police officers to approach any pedestrian and submit them to a search has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. The usual suspects, who have caused “Stop & Frisk” to flourish, are offering harsh criticisms of the decision.

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