About Oz
Oz is a filmmaker and producer of Puppycide: The Documentary. He has studied countless cases of police officers shooting house-pets and is determined to bring attention to this nationwide problem. To support his efforts and make this documentary a reality, visit the link above and pledge your support by donating and sharing the website.

Puppycide: Can a Documentary Save Dogs?

November 11, 2013 Oz 279

As a Texas woman re-lived her experience of having police arrive at the wrong address and kill her dog, I learned an interesting film-making lesson: It’s hard to focus a camera when your eyes are welling with tears.

300-pound officer shoots 12-pound terrier, claims it threatened his life

October 28, 2013 Oz 264

ALBANY, GA –- A routine visit by probation officers to a Georgia woman’s trailer ended in the use of lethal force against her two-year-old, 12-lb Jack Russel terrier/cocker spaniel mix, Patches. The 300-lb officer claimed that the dog threatened his life and required lethal force to protect himself.