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Liz Reitzig is the author of NourishingLiberty.com, a blog that focuses on food as the foundation as freedom and ways every individual can become involved. She is the co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition and has participated in food politics on the local, state and national levels. Liz works with farmers around the country who are facing regulatory or legal challenges to help their communities become involved and peacefully resolve their challenges. Liz has organized grassroots activities to promote awareness of and support for the legal hurdles facing small family farms.

Virginia oyster farmers being zoned out of existance

May 13, 2014 Liz Reitzig 0

YORKTOWN, VA — A county zoning board’s politically-motivated rezoning efforts are endangering local aqua-farmers in their ability to use their own property to raise crops and produce food. Just minutes from the spot where American revolutionaries accepted the surrender of the British in 1781, one American oyster farmer is now forced to fight to keep the imperiled “right to farm.”