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Liz E is a software developer and graduate of Hiram College. Outside of work, Liz is a vehement supporter of peace and freedom. She spends her free time advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana and industrial hemp for the Ohio Rights Group, as well as being an activist for all things liberty. The police state has instilled a paralyzing fear in her community, and above all else, Liz hopes to see the power structure of the USA restored to its proper order.

D.C. businessman, family suffers SWAT raid over ‘unregistered ammunition’

December 3, 2013 Liz E 267

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the capital city of the Land of the Free, a businessman and his family were subjected to a violent paramilitary raid for suspicion of exercising one of the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Nearly nearly 3 dozen armed SWAT agents held the family at gunpoint and even used a battering ram to rip a naked child out of the shower. The incredible use of force was initiated because of D.C.’s infamous gun control laws. Even more shocking is the fact that the homeowner could still be put in federal prison, despite the fact that not a single firearm was found in his home.

Father tased by police upon discovering his toddler’s death

November 12, 2013 Liz E 222

FULTON COUNTY, GA — A man grieving the loss of his two-year-old son found little sympathy from the police state in Georgia. The man, returning home after being notified of the boy’s death, was tased for attempting to enter his own home to see his son.

Neighbors said that when the boy’s father was notified of the attack while at work, he rushed home and tried to enter his home to see what had happened to his son. Officers advised the man to stay back, but the grieving man continued to attempt to gain entry to his home, saying “You’ll have to shoot me. I’m going to see my son,” according to a police spokesman.

It was then that police used a taser to subdue the man.

No one fired after woman ‘humiliated & groped’ during naked strip search in jail

October 14, 2013 Liz E 165

LA SALLE COUNTY, IL — A woman says she was harshly treated after being detained for a suspected DUI. Surveillance video shows her being forced to the ground by several deputies, carried into a small room, and forcibly stripped naked. Now, the victim is seeking justice, and others are stepping forward claiming that they, too, were forcibly stripped naked by deputies.

Police chief, two suspects killed during raid over painkillers

October 2, 2013 Liz E 194

GREENLAND, NH — A no-knock raid conducted over suspected possession of pills took a turn for the tragic when the homeowner fought back against officers as they battered down his door. Three dead and four injured bodies later — including the chief of police — leaves us wondering whether all the blood spilled in the name of enforcing prohibition laws is worth the cost.

Texas man was beaten by police, nearly drowned after being busted for sleeping in his own car without a permit

September 16, 2013 Liz E 259

After doing what he thought was the responsible thing, a man napping by the side of the road found himself being savagely beaten by police and almost drowned in the surf. He is now suing the city, as well as two officers involved in the incident, in federal court.

In response to the incident, the police chief said, “Our officers were faced with a violent offender, who ran, assaulted an officer and continually resisted arrest.”

The man served 100 days for evading arrest, but was not charged with assaulting an officer.

Church volunteers threatened with arrest for feeding homeless people biscuits and coffee

September 8, 2013 Liz E 304

Apparently in Raleigh, NC, feeding those that are hungry is now a jailable offense. A local non-profit that cares for the city’s homeless was told by police that if they handed out a hot meal from the sidewalk, they would be arrested. More than 70 people had already arrived, knowing that the volunteers would be there with sausage biscuits and coffee. “I had to face those who were waiting and tell them that I could not feed them, or I would be arrested.” Rev. Hugh Hollowell, pastor and director of Love Wins Minsitries, said in a blog post.