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Police State USA is a volunteer, grassroots journalism hub dedicated to exposing the systemic formation of an American police state.  A team of contributing authors has been built based on their ability to exhibit professionalism, accuracy, knowledge of the subjects, and passion for the liberty movement.



Our mission is to educate and inform the public about issues that endanger our rights and liberties, and to work to fix them through non-violent means.

A complete paradigm shift will be necessary to save this country’s freedom.  A necessary part of this involves a massive information campaign to expose the crimes of the police state and promote freedom-based alternatives.  We are part of that information campaign.

This website seeks to cover all aspects of the police state.  These include a spiderweb of bad laws, unaddressed corruption, rampant police brutality, the militarization of law enforcement, systematic civil rights infringements, prohibition of non-violent/victimless behaviors, destruction of property rights, outlawing of arbitrary items, invasions of privacy, surveillance & spying, citizen indoctrination & state propaganda, fascist economic policies, aggressive foreign policy, centralization and federalization of government, the rigged political system, the false Left/Right Paradigm, globalism & world government, and more.



Police State USA does not promote the idea that all police officers are evil.  We do not intend to use a broad brush and blindly bash every cop.  We do not use popular acronyms like “FTP” and “ACAB.”  Our outrage is targeted specifically at individual people and at individual policies that are responsible for corruption and abuse.  We recognize that police officers (and all government employees) are only human and corruptible just like anyone else.  However, that corruption must not be excused or tolerated.

While we offer some stinging criticisms of the laws and individuals who are supporting the police state, we recognize that there are some honorable, compassionate police officers out there who themselves are fighting corruption from within the system.  We value the role of true peace officers in society and we are happy to hear from current and former police officers who want to speak out against the transformation of their profession, and against the blue wall of silence that protects bad officers from being removed from their duties.  Police State USA has enlisted the contributions of several former police officers for writing contributions.  We support Oath Keepers who refuse to enforce oppressive, unconstitutional laws.



Your support is vital to our success.  This is a volunteer, grassroots effort.  As many are well aware, most of the content of this website is not featured on the national TV news.  It will require a concerted, diligent effort on the part of activists to overcome this virtual blackout of this information in the mass media.  For more information about how you can boost our viewership and spread these stories, please visit our Support page.

Thank you for visiting this site and for your continued support.



#1. Do not advocate violence on this site.


(Source: Brendan Scherer / Flickr)
(Source: Brendan Scherer / Flickr)


Our “POLICE STATE USA” banner has been been created from a photograph from the September 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Riot police held a heavy presence around the city and at some points performed aggressive mass-arrests of anyone in their way.

Brendan Scherer took a series of iconic photographs of the event, one of which was altered with permission for use to promote this website.  Brendan’s work may only be used with attribution, and never altered without express permission.

Thanks to Brendan for taking this photograph, and for supporting this cause.  Please support his work on Flickr.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/bscherer/2842502523/


4 Comments on About Police State USA

  1. Really glad to see you made a website! Been an avid follower of the page for months now, and you’ve even reposted a few things I’ve shared with you. Definitely glad to see this movement is expanding, in this day and age you can’t sweep this shit under the rug forever.

  2. Thanks for your work and research. You’re a fearless patriot for speaking out against the unjust and unlawful intrusion into our daily lives. The tide is changing and the awakening has begun.

  3. Having lived a long time in this world (USA), I can remember what it was like as a child. Population growth had nor overtaken the free space. It wasn’t necessary to lock doors, you knew your neighbors, small towns were small families, trust and honesty abounded. Now I hesitate to join such a group as this. If “they” listen to our communications, certainly our entries on the web are observable. At my age though, even if I am persecuted, so what!

    My mother was 95 when she died in 2005, and completely lucid. She started whispering some of the things she wanted me to know about when she was in her seventies. She listened nightly to newscasts, domestic and foreign. At the time I thought her a bit paranoid, not any more.

    Now I am in my seventies, hopefully still lucid, and don’t like the feel of being watched, controlled, however carefully it is done. One step at a time, we Americans have given up our little freedoms until suddenly, we discover those baby steps have become giant ones. We have given our constitutional rights away. Some might say in this now dangerous world, it is necessary to balance the dangers with loss of due process, after all, terrorists might destroy us. Perhaps the danger is much closer to home. I don’t feel like I’m one of the “good” guys. I’m not at all sure God is on my side or my country’s side. Our politicians are considered corrupt by many of us. In the state where I now live, one governor after another has gone to prison.

    In my life I have gone through a number of stages, starting out as a conservative Republican, switching to a still conservative independent, now I would like to think of myself as a plain American, a very worried American.

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