Man threatened with charges after catching post office delivering mail into dumpster

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Two men fish out a bundle of mail that a U.S. postal worker threw into a dumpster.  (Photo: KTTV)
Two men fish out a bundle of mail that a U.S. postal worker threw into a dumpster. (Photo: KTTV)

CARSON, CA — A group of citizens observed a U.S. postal worker dumping several bins of undelivered mail into a trash dumpster. When they blew the whistle, they were treated coldly and even threatened with criminal charges.

The witnesses confronted the mail carrier, who sheepishly attempted to take some of the bundles back out of the dumpster. The mailwoman ultimately left, and witnesses were able to retrieve as many as six bins of mail from the trash.

“Costco bill, attorney stuff, Nordstrom’s — these are people’s actual bills,” said witness Paul San Nicolas as he examined the discarded mail in front of Fox 11 News cameras. “Here’s a personal one, as you can see, its hand written.”

The watchful citizens were treated rudely as they returned the bins of mail to the United States Post Office in Carson, California. A manager glared as she accepted the bins without so much as a “thank you” or an apology — right in front of the media!

Fox 11 News reported that one of the good Samaritans, Mr. San Nicolas, was later called by the assistant postmaster and told that “he could be prosecuted… because he was in possession of federal property.”

Watch the shocking coverage below.

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According to what the Office of the Inspector General told Fox 11, the inspector “is investigating and appropriate action will be taken.”

The Google Reviews of the Carson Post Office include allegations of lost, stolen, and destroyed mail — carelessly treated in the hands of incompetent, corrupt, and lazy postal workers. If these testimonies are even half-true, the entire office needs to be fired and rebuilt from the ground up.




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