Americans agree with plan to ‘repeal Bill of Rights’ during boardwalk interview

Mark Dice asks beach-goers if they'd repeal the Bill of Rights. (Photo: YouTube)

In one of Mark Dice’s humorous and disturbing man-on-the-street interview sessions, the comedian asked passers-by if they would agree with a plan to “repeal the Bill of Rights… to help with the New World Order.”

Surely no adult would agree to that, would they?

The interviewees were told that the plan was a campaign promise of Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton — popular among voters in San Diego. Mr. Dice wrote that he “wanted to see if they would blindly agree with this clearly insane policy just because Hillary is supposedly behind it.” Of course, they did.

Responses were mostly positive, ranging from “yes” to “I don’t know” to “I’m somewhere in the middle.” Of course, the video was edited and the results are not scientific. But the fact that one man, in one location, in one afternoon, could easily find this many individuals who would support the repeal of their own rights is remarkable on its own.

Experiments like this one give us a clue as to how the political system can be so dominated with corruption, and why our rights and freedoms have been so thoroughly disintegrated. The average American voter is hopelessly uninformed and, by virtue of their ignorance, powerless (and mostly unwilling) to stop resist their own enslavement. The unfortunate lesson is that the police state, for the most part, has not risen up through conquest and usurpation, but rather through consent of a lobotomized populace.



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