Oregon police plan ‘no refusal’ blood-draws for drivers

Field sobriety test
Field sobriety test
Field sobriety test

OREGON — Police are announcing a blitz of forced ‘no-refusal’ blood-draw warrants for drivers this holiday weekend.

In Oregon, and many other states, drivers that are suspected by police of driving under the influence are presented with a choice: submit to a Breathalyzer search or lose your driver’s license for a year.

From a driver’s perspective, however, submitting to a Breathalyzer presents some problems. One is that the machines inherently present the possibility of error, and could provide an incorrect measurement incriminate an innocent person. There is the argument that people should not be forced to prove their innocence or provide police with self-incriminating evidence.

A cop with a needle confiscates blood from a suspect. (Source: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
A cop with a needle confiscates blood from a suspect. (Source: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

The policy of revoking licenses is not without faults, but for the most part it balances the forces calling for safe roads and protects people’s individual rights.

However, in Oregon, that’s not good enough. Judges are teaming up with police to sign warrants on-demand for the forcible confiscation of blood. The intention is to collect the evidence necessary to lock people in prison.

In some cases, this involves hustling a suspect back to the police station, strapping them to a table, putting them in a headlock, and penetrating them with a needle, despite their protests.

It does not paint a pretty picture for innocent people who philosophically choose to stand their ground and refuse to submit to police searches.

See KVAL‘s coverage of ‘no refusal’ weekend, which is ironically being staged on ‘Independence Day.’

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