Teen shot by police holding Wii controller in his own home

Christopher Roupe (Source: WSB-TV 2)
Christopher Roupe (Source: WSB-TV 2)
Christopher Roupe (Source: WSB-TV 2)

EUHARLEE, GA — A teenage male was shot in his own home while answering the door for police.   Police claim he pointed a gun, but witnesses say he had a video game controller in his hand when he died.

The incident happened Friday, February 14th, when Euharlee Police officers arrived at the Roupe home to serve a warrant for his father who had allegedly violated his probation for a misdemeanor.

Inside the mobile home was Christopher Roupe, 17, who was enrolled in his high school’s ROTC program and had intentions of joining the Marine Corps.

Details are murky, but one thing is clear.  Roupe was shot after answering the door for a police officer.

The cop who pulled the trigger, Cpl. Nancy Beth Gatny, claimed the teen pointed a gun at her after opening the door, and said as much to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) when it began looking into the case.

The Nintendo Wii controller.
The Nintendo Wii controller.

Attorney Cole Law, representing the Roupe family, says the officer’s statement “just doesn’t add up.”  The attorney says the deceased teen was about to turn on a movie and had a remote control in his hand.

“The eyewitnesses on the scene clearly state that he had a Wii controller in his hand. He heard a knock at the door. He asked who it was, there was no response so he opened the door and upon opening the door he was immediately shot in the chest,” Law said to WSB-TV.

Upon hearing the gunshot, neighbors immediately came running. One neighbor, Tia Howard, told reporters, “When we got up there, they said there was a Wii remote in his hand and she shot him.”

The victim’s aunt, Sandra Renee Vance, wrote the following regarding the incident:

I have gone over and over this story with the two siblings of Christopher and there was not BB gun pulled on the officer. Christopher had gotten up to put in a movie and had the Wii remote in his hand so that he could start the movie. There was a knock on the door and Christopher said who is it. No one answered him so he opened the door with the Wii remote still in his hand. The female officer already had her gun drew and saw the remote, assumed it was a weapon and shot my nephew in the chest. She never said put down your weapon she just shot. The male officer told the female officer to put her gun away because it was only a remote control. She didn’t.

Christopher’s little sister started towards Christopher because he had already fell to the floor so this female officer pointed her gun at my niece who by the way is 13 years old and told her to shut up and stay where she was. I have friends that are cops and I respect the law but this was a murder.

Despite witnesses reporting that the officer was sobbing after the shooting, she did not report a video game controller.  She reported a gun and attempted to justify her actions.

Why would the officer cry if Roupe had just tried to kill her?  Why would Roupe, who aspires to work for the government, try to murder a civil servant?

Discovering the full truth of the incident will require the public to pressure the department for more details.


Details have emerged about the shooter, Cpl. Nancy Beth Gatny.  WXIA reported about her history in law enforcement and revealed that she had been fired from a previous department.

Gatny had a history of suspensions and reprimands for failure to follow department policies.  She had only been with Euharlee for 10 months.  Her former supervisors said she had issues including paperwork problems, repeated car accidents, and equipment blunders.

Notably, she fired her weapon in 2008 at a suspect removing his backpack. She was fired from her previous job ultimately for failure to report to work.  Gatny allegedly tried to collect disability.


A grand jury has issued the Cpl. Beth Gatny with a “no bill.” She will not be indicted or held criminally responsible for shooting the boy holding the Nintendo controller.

Gatny’s excuse for shooting the boy was that she claimed to have heard “what she believed to be the action of a firearm” before the door was opened, and subsequently opened fire on the boy holding what she believed was a pistol. The family of the deceased teen says they don’t even own a pistol.


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Pressure the department to release all relevant details of the shooting, the reports, crime scene photographs, and the audio/video recordings.   Where’s the gun?  We want answers.

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