California teen shot to death on side of highway during traffic stop

Adrian Parra (Source: KMIR)
Adrian Parra (Source: KMIR)
Adrian Parra (Source: KMIR)

SALTON CITY, CA — A teen on his way to go on a date was shot to death on the side of the highway during a traffic stop.  Police have been vague with details and his family is demanding answers.

The incident occurred along Highway 86 on April 18th, just before 6:00 p.m.  Imperial County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over 19-year-old Adrian Parra while he was on his way to take a girl out to enjoy dinner and a movie.

For reasons unclear, the traffic stop reached a point where deputies opened fire on Parra, and he was fatally wounded.  Even weeks later, his family says that the department is being elusive with details.   They would only say that the stop was for “vehicle code violations.”  Parra was shot 3-4 times, his mother revealed.

“What happened, what went where they shot him so many times… why can’t they answer the question if there was a camera,” asked Maria Duenas, Parra’s mother to KMIR.  But police have refused to speak about the incident because of an ongoing investigation.

Parra, of Mecca, California, was an honor roll student who graduated from high school last year, and was planning on attending college.

The 2 officers involved went on temporary paid leave, but have since returned to work, KMIR reported.

His mother, Maria Duenas, is requesting that any witnesses to the incident call her with information at 760-396-2114.


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Demand the release of a public report of what happened, as well as all relevant videos that may exist.   (Dash cams; body cams)

Imperial County Sheriff’s Department (California)
Phone:  (760) 339-6311

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