Two patriots arrested while peacefully participating in ‘Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment’ movement

A member of the "Tyranny Response Team" is put in a headlock and arrested for protesting outside a free speech zone. (Source: YouTube)
A member of the "Tyranny Response Team" is put in a headlock and arrested for protesting outside a free speech zone.  (Source: YouTube)
A member of the “Tyranny Response Team” is put in a headlock and arrested for protesting outside a free speech zone. (Source: YouTube)

ST. CHARLES, MO — On Saturday, August 17, a small group of peaceful protestors stood on the walkway of a highway overpass with signs calling for “Obama’s Impeachment” and to “Remember Benghazi.”  Their protest drew the ire of police officers, causing them to arrive en masse, block traffic, and arrest the peaceful protesters because of “traffic safety” concerns.

Highway Patrolman Jenkins demanded that the protesters move off the overpass where they could no longer be seen by highway traffic.  When asked for a compromise, Jenkins replied, “No, we’re just going to have you guys exit the overpass.” At no time were the protestors violent, belligerent or even rude to the officers.

When the patriots remind the officers that the first amendment affords them the right to peaceably assemble, another officer stepped forward and said, “You can come with me.”

When the cameraman asked, “What gives you the authority to order me around on a public sidewalk?” the officer responded, “Do you recognize that I’m a peace officer? I asked you and told you that you need to leave.”

Another protestor asks what law was being broken, and the officer snaps back with “Do you want to go to jail?” You can clearly hear one protestor say that this is “tyranny”. The officer immediately moves to arrest him by putting him into a headlock and bringing him to the ground, while the cameraman asks if the force is necessary since he’s not resisting.

It is interesting to note that early on in the video, when the protestors ask the officers what law he would cite to arrest them should they fail to leave, Patrolman Jenkins responds with “I haven’t cited any law, I haven’t said I was going to arrest you have I?” At no time did any of the officers cite a law or ordinance that prohibited them from protesting on the overpass, even after handcuffing two of the protestors.

The two men, Mark S. Messmer and Jimmy “Duane” Weed,  were arrested for failure to obey an order from an officer and resisting arrest. They spent 24 hours in the St. Charles County Jail. Although the patrol department wants them charged, prosecutors have yet to decide.

The situation only escalated to arrest because the protestors were asking the police questions and not just doing as they were told. As Americans we are each afforded rights, they reminded the officers of those rights. A reasonable person would conclude that in order to be arrested, one has to break the law. If the police can’t even tell you which law is being broken, how are they able to arrest you for not listening to them?

The full encounter can be viewed below:

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Contact the St. Charles Police Department and Prosecutor to tell them what you think of the officer’s actions.

City of St. Charles Police Department (636) 949-3300
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St. Charles County Prosecutor (636) 949-7355

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  1. The incident and arrests that you are referring to was handled by members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, not the St. Charles Police Department. If you have concerns about this incident, please contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

    Thank you.

    Erik Lawrenz
    Public Information Officer
    Training Coordinator
    St. Charles Police Department

    • Mr. Lawrenz,
      You state the arrest were “handled” by the highway patrol and not St. Charles police, yet, if you look at the end of the film, there are clearly 3 St. Charles representatives on scene. Tell me, Mr. Lawrenz, why did the St. Charles not stop the assult of a law abiding ctizen who had broken no law? Does that not make St. Charles complicit in this tyranny? Should not every “officer” on this scene be sued for everything they have and be fired for over the assult, the aiding and abetting, and the abuse of authority? Should every “officer” on this scene be sued for everything they have? Shouldn’t the authority of St. Charles be sued for allowing this tyranny? Shouldn’t these patriots expect a public apology from all involved, their superiors and the governor? Or are you going to try to weasel out of this as tyrants are want to do?

    • can you spell T Y R A N N Y and can you define for me? What law did he break honestly though, get over yourselves. If your grandfather were a cop he’d be ashamed of you and your kind.

    • then leave their information you fucking piece of shit. your title should be, public douche fucking bag.

  2. Link worked fine for me. Video and audio worked. Cops get to decide what is the law as the go. They couldn’t even cite what law was being broken. Other than “cuz I said so”. Lol. Crazy

  3. This is getting bad. Officers actually believe they have complete authority over citizens and that any and all orders given by them must be followed. I watch video after video with officers giving the same answer to questions about law, rights and the constitution… all they can say is “because I say so”, “because you have to do what I say” etc.. resisting arrest?? resisting arrest used to mean fighting the officers, running away, etc… now just talking, presenting a valid argument or just asking the officers questions will get you a resisting arrest charge… Things are getting bad..

  4. In N.Y. A person is guilty of resisting arrest when he intentionally prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer or peace officer from effecting an authorized arrest of himself or another person.
    Resisting arrest is a class A misdemeanor. The pigs can lie and be without guilt of everything they do. Us? Never allowed in their eyes. I honestly don’t know how they sleep at night, no wonder their spouses always end up leaving their broken souls, oh well, everyone always pays in the end.

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