FBI interrogated man after comment about American ‘Police State’ on Facebook

Blaine Cooper (Source: Facebook)
Blaine Cooper (Source: Facebook)
Blaine Cooper (Source: Facebook)

HUMBOLDT, AZ — A man says that within hours of making an impassioned post on Facebook, he was being interrogated by police and the FBI.

Blaine Cooper, 33, contacted policestateusa.com with a concerning story about how his sentiments posted on Facebook had drawn the attention of the federal government.  He showed me the comment and told me that within 24-hours of posting it, he was being contacted by the police and FBI.

His colorful comment was in reference to what he believes is an “American Police State,” in which the power of the federal government is growing in a direction which may one day lead people to fight back.

Cooper, who is training to be a wild land fire fighter, said that on August 23, he was contacted by Officer Jason Kuafman of the Prescott Valley Police Department and was told that he needed to come to the police station for an interview with the FBI.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information.”

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes with federal agents present.  He was released after apparently being determined to not be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information,” Cooper told policestateusa.com.

Cooper said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.

“The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper told policestateusa.com.

Cooper's facebook comment which got him Federal attention within hours.
Cooper’s Facebook comment which got him Federal attention within hours.

It should be pointed out that answering questions from federal agents is an extremely risky idea, especially without the presence of a lawyer.  Supreme Court case BROGAN v. UNITED STATES affirmed that it is a federal crime to tell any lie, or misrepresent any fact, to a federal agent.  Even an innocent person with good intentions could commit a federal crime by misspeaking during an interview.

But apparently the alternative to complying to an interview is getting raided by the FBI.

Still feeling threatened, Cooper made a YouTube video on Aug. 23, as a record to the public in case he “disappears.”

“[I] hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else,” he said.

The rapid response of the FBI could be a result of the federal government’s XKeyscore program, which gives them the ability to collect “nearly everything a user does on the internet.”

The irony of the situation is that Cooper’s concerns of the USA becoming a police state were actually validated by the fact that the federal government launched an investigation over his frustrated Facebook comment, showing up with detailed records on his family and their internet activity.


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Cooper has been very open to questions and has provided his own number, as well as the police contacts that were made.

Blaine Cooper:  (928) 632-5156

Prescott Valley (AZ) Police Department: (928) 772-9261

Jason Kuafman: (928) 772-5120

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  1. I find it interesting… the fact: our FBI has the time to interrogate Blaine Cooper for for stating, well known frustration of many Americans, yet can’t find the time to investigate: the IRS for 501C.. applicant complaints, the Benghazi debacle until weeks after the incident, and a long list of issues the general public is interested in. I guess it is: “Treat the public like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and feed them shit.” I look at it this way. The agents of our FBI are citizens just like us, except, they have a job. I encourage them to look under all rocks, not just rocks painted by the public, of whom, they have taken an oath to protect. We are not the World. We are the fabric of our Great Nation, one and all. God Bless America! I challenge all Americans to do their best to fix what is broken in The United States, if not for yourself, for future generations.

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