Drug court judge allegedly drunk during proceedings; goes to rehab instead of jail

December 30, 2013 SovereignSon 5

BROWARD COUNTY, FL — A Florida judge presiding over misdemeanor drug cases reportedly showed up to work intoxicated and had to be removed from court. In a palpable irony, even a person who has dedicated her career toward meddling in other people’s lives and using the force of government against them is herself incapable of keeping herself sober at work. The judge faces no legal consequences and instead of being carted off to jail like so many of the recreational drug users she has dealt with, she will voluntarily put herself in rehab.

The Federal Reserve: A century of tyranny

December 24, 2013 Site Staff 174

Aside from the ignorance and apathy of American voters, the biggest enabler of the American police state is the central bank, which provides limitless cash supplies to the government. December 23rd marks the 100th anniversary of this bank, called the Federal Reserve (or “the Fed”). This historic anniversary is no reason to celebrate; rather it is time we reflect on the practically invisible, yet unimaginably devious system which has been robbing Americans for the last century.

Woman was probed, cavity searched, & X-rayed re-entering the USA

December 19, 2013 Site Staff 186

EL PASO, TX — An American woman was humiliated and sexually assaulted for hours when she tried to re-enter the United States at a checkpoint manned by U.S. border patrol agents. Suspecting she had drugs inside her orifices, the federal agents detained her, chained her to a table, and subjected her to a series of invasive and traumatic cavity searches, finger penetration, scans and X-rays… all without a warrant. She was then billed for the “services.”

Teen indefinitely detained in psych ward after parents seek 2nd medical opinion

December 17, 2013 O.D. 142

BOSTON, MA — A judge has ruled that a Boston teen may continue to be held captive in a hospital and forcibly drugged… indefinitely. The tragic series of events began when a doctor discarded an earlier medical diagnosis and declared another, prompting objections from her parents and threats to discharge her from Boston Children’s Hospital to take her to get a second opinion. An epic battle of egos ensued, and the hospital decided that the parents’ insolence in challenging the doctor was tantamount to child abuse. Without a trial or having broken a specific law, the girl was stripped from her parents’ custody and the state of Massachusetts has kept her indefinitely detained in a hospital since February 2013. Based on the latest ruling, the girl may very well be locked in a psychiatric ward until she turns 18 years old.

NYPD break down door without warrant, beat up family, stomp pet bird to death

December 11, 2013 Site Staff 287

NEW YORK CITY, NY — A Staten Island family barbecue turned into a nightmare when it was interrupted by police investigating the improper use of a parking cone to save a parking spot on the street. What resulted was a day the family will never forget, as their home was invaded without a warrant, several family members were bludgeoned, and a NYPD officer sadistically stomped on a pet parakeet that lay helpless on the floor.

Reason Magazine article advocates forced vaccination

December 10, 2013 Site Staff 207

One aspect of the police state that I find particularly bothersome is forced drugging. We see this manifest in a variety of situations, usually involving children whose parents question their doctors or want to pursue alternative health care solutions. Being a complicated and emotional issue, many people end up siding with the state in pursuit of mandatory drugging. While this position is to be expected from the average statist, it is somewhat alarming when a well-known and respected publication like Reason Magazine comes out in favor of forced mass-drugging of the population, or as it was gently termed, “coercive vaccination.” These ideas, promoted under pseudo-libertarian shroud, cannot go unrebuked.

‘Homicide’ coverup? Inmate hung from 9′ jail ceiling an hour after being threatened by deputies

December 6, 2013 Site Staff 163

GEORGETOWN, OH — An hour after a failed escape attempt, an inmate was found hanging from a bedsheet while alone in his cell. After examining the death, the coroner has ruled that it was “physically impossible” for the inmate to reach the 9′ ceiling and hang himself without assistance, ruling the death a homicide. A dark cloud looms over Brown County, given that the inmate was under the supervision of the same deputies who had threatened to kill him on video earlier that morning.

Police told man they would return to ransack his home, kill his dogs

December 5, 2013 Site Staff 276

KANSAS CITY, MO — An innocent man got a unexpected visit from police that left him shaken and fearing for his safety. Upset that he did not consent to a warrantless search of his home, officers told the man that if they had to return with a warrant, that they would be sure to ransack his home and kill his dogs in the process.

CPS nabs teenager because she was hanging out with black people

December 4, 2013 Site Staff 318

HOUSTON, TX — A teenage dance student took a trip out of state with two fellow dancers to spend a weekend taking classes with some of the top professionals in the industry. The weekend came to an abrupt end when she was seized by police and put into the hands of Child Protective Services because of the way her companions looked.

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