Woman says her 14-year-old son was tortured, tasered in the face while handcuffed

November 27, 2013 O.D. 267

TULLYTOWN, PA — A woman turned to Facebook and social media for help in seeking justice for her son whom she says was severely injured during his violent encounter with the police and then isolated from her for three days. She says that her son was “brutally tortured” by Bucks County police officers after being arrested, handcuffed, and shocked in the face by a Taser.

Corrupt crime lab chemist faces light sentence after ruining countless lives with falsified evidence

November 25, 2013 Site Staff 313

MASSACHUSETTS — In one of the largest frauds in Massachusetts history, a state crime lab analyst used her position of analyzing chemical evidence to intentionally forge results in order to get convictions for prosecutors with whom she had friendly ties, and to satisfy her drive to imprison drug offenders. After years of tampering with evidence her actions may have tainted more than 40,000 drug samples, involving thousands of defendants.

Police ram innocent man off the road & open fire; claim it was ‘a reasonable mistake’

November 23, 2013 Site Staff 273

TORRANCE, CA — Police officers rammed into an innocent motorist’s vehicle so violently that they knocked off a wheel, then opened fire and riddled the truck with bullets. The motorist was then yanked from his vehicle and had a gun held to his head. Many months have passed and the criminal cops are still being protected and kept anonymous, and the victim has yet to be adequately compensated.

Father tased by police upon discovering his toddler’s death

November 12, 2013 Liz E 222

FULTON COUNTY, GA — A man grieving the loss of his two-year-old son found little sympathy from the police state in Georgia. The man, returning home after being notified of the boy’s death, was tased for attempting to enter his own home to see his son.

Neighbors said that when the boy’s father was notified of the attack while at work, he rushed home and tried to enter his home to see what had happened to his son. Officers advised the man to stay back, but the grieving man continued to attempt to gain entry to his home, saying “You’ll have to shoot me. I’m going to see my son,” according to a police spokesman.

It was then that police used a taser to subdue the man.

Molly Young’s mysterious gunshot to the head: ‘Suicide’ or murder coverup?

November 12, 2013 O.D. 255

CARBONDALE, IL — A woman’s mysterious death last year — dismissed as a “possible” suicide — has led to her family, along with tens of thousands of concerned citizens, still clamoring for justice. When Molly Young turned up shot in the head in her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom, circumstances have led to her family claiming the investigation was “botched” and rife with preferential treatment for the police-employed suspect. Skeptics have been unable to comprehend how two grown men misidentified bloody gunshot to the head as a drug overdose, how a man did not hear a gun blast emitted in the same room in which he was sleeping, why the gun was found with no fingerprints after discharging on her weak side, and how investigators shrugged off the suspect’s claims that the fresh 6-inch scratches on his side were given to him by Molly’s corpse during CPR attempts.

Puppycide: Can a Documentary Save Dogs?

November 11, 2013 Oz 279

As a Texas woman re-lived her experience of having police arrive at the wrong address and kill her dog, I learned an interesting film-making lesson: It’s hard to focus a camera when your eyes are welling with tears.

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