300-pound officer shoots 12-pound terrier, claims it threatened his life

October 28, 2013 Oz 264

ALBANY, GA –- A routine visit by probation officers to a Georgia woman’s trailer ended in the use of lethal force against her two-year-old, 12-lb Jack Russel terrier/cocker spaniel mix, Patches. The 300-lb officer claimed that the dog threatened his life and required lethal force to protect himself.

Innocent citizens held at gunpoint in terrifying California checkpoints

October 27, 2013 Site Staff 208

ROSEVILLE, CA –Innocent citizens traveling down public streets had a terrifying experience when they were forced through a warrantless government checkpoint in which armed men pointed guns at their heads while they proved their innocence. Police were looking for a suspect in a recent shooting and were using the opportunity to roll out aggressive checkpoints.

Police shoot 13-year-old boy while walking home with toy rifle

October 23, 2013 Site Staff 184

SANTA ROSA, CA — An innocent boy faced a deadly encounter with police when they thought he was exercising the right to bear arms. Deputies shot the young teen several times because they thought he was holding an “assault weapon” — something that the government elites believe they have the exclusive right to carry. It turned out that he was only holding a phony plastic toy. The eighth grader was pronounced dead in a grassy field that he was crossing on his way home.

Judge demands mother split from her breastfeeding infant so she can serve as a juror

October 22, 2013 Site Staff 268

JACKSON COUNTY, MO — A woman is facing legal penalties because of placing her role as a mother before her obedience to the state. Not wanting to interrupt her infant son’s breastfeeding schedule, she says she is unable to serve as a juror unless her little boy comes with her. But according to state law and a presiding county judge, if she doesn’t make arrangements for child care and comply with mandatory jury duty, she could be fined or arrested.

Woman called for a medical response after fiancé took too many pills, police arrive and shoot him

October 20, 2013 O.D. 282

WAYCROSS, GA — 43-year-old Jack Lamar Roberson was a father, son, and military veteran who was engaged to be married. His life ended abruptly when he was gunned down inside his own home by police responding to a 9-1-1 call regarding a possibly suicidal man. His family members, expecting a medical response, witnessed the killing and are left with the regret of calling the government for help.

Innocent man fights to get son back after having life destroyed by New Jersey gun control laws

October 19, 2013 Site Staff 289

NEW JERSEY — A man who hurt nobody, and technically broke no laws, was still turned into a convicted felon and has had his life ruined thanks to New Jersey’s tyrannical gun control laws. Four years later, and still fighting to clear his name, Brian Aitken makes a desperate attempt to get his son returned to him, whom he hasn’t seen in years. And he needs our help.

Dallas cops shoot mentally ill man, lie about him charging with a knife

October 18, 2013 Site Staff 261

DALLAS, TX — Disturbing video evidence contradicts a pair of Dallas police officers in their account of shooting a supposedly knife-wielding man. A residential surveillance camera shows the mentally ill man standing in the middle of a cul-du-sac, with his arms hanging at his sides, making no motions towards officers, when they shot him for no apparent reason.

No one fired after woman ‘humiliated & groped’ during naked strip search in jail

October 14, 2013 Liz E 165

LA SALLE COUNTY, IL — A woman says she was harshly treated after being detained for a suspected DUI. Surveillance video shows her being forced to the ground by several deputies, carried into a small room, and forcibly stripped naked. Now, the victim is seeking justice, and others are stepping forward claiming that they, too, were forcibly stripped naked by deputies.

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