Gang of Atlantic City officers brutally beat man, release an attack dog to gnaw on his neck

September 30, 2013 Site Staff 147

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Security cameras captured a disturbing video of a group of Atlantic City police officers assaulting a man, beating him mercilessly with blunt weapons, and finally siccing an attack dog on his neck and head as he lay helplessly face-down in the street. The shocking abuse seems to be done with the approval of the police chief, who watched the video and saw no reason to discipline his officers.

Distraught family members were pepper-sprayed, chained to a bench while daughter was dying of self-inflicted gunshot wound

September 28, 2013 Site Staff 111

JOPLIN, MO — A tragic situation went from awful to worse as two family members were arrested by police in the process of trying to save a teen girl’s life after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A father tells of how he missed the final hours of his daughter’s life because he was handcuffed to a bench in a police station, his face still raw from being pepper-sprayed. Now he and his son face criminal charges that have not been dropped, six months later.

SWAT-style raid on German homeschool family is a reminder of why the Romeikes deserve U.S. asylum

September 28, 2013 O.D. 175

DARMSTADT, GERMANY — The state-sanctioned abduction of the Wunderlich children from their home in Germany has renewed interest in the asylum case of another German family seeking refuge in America. The abusive treatment of its citizens by the German state has forced many families who only wish to educate their children in the traditional values of the Church to flee the country. Those who stay risk losing their children, their liberty, or both as the State unceasingly abrogates our natural, human rights.

National Guard troops may be considered to patrol Chicago’s violent ‘hotspots’

September 22, 2013 Site Staff 284

CHICAGO, IL — As the Windy City continues to be plagued with violence — rampant assaults, rapes, and shootings — Illinois leaders are struggling to find a solution (or press an agenda). But their preference toward authoritarian tactics becomes quickly evident, as the suggestion of deploying National Guard troops is apparently not off the table. This extreme measure has been pushed several times in recent years as Chicago’s murder rate has escalated to embarrassing levels. Will recent acts of violence be the catalyst that these police state advocates need to send in soldiers?

Man assaulted, arrested, and put on trial for walking down wrong side of the street

September 21, 2013 O.D. 149

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A Florida man is suing the local Sheriff’s Office after reportedly being violently assaulted and arrested by a police officer for the crime of “walking on the wrong side of the road” as a pedestrian. In arresting this criminal, the officer punched him in the face and threatened him with a taser. The offense was taken all the way to trial.

Jose Guerena’s family gets settlement, but his killers still wear badges

September 19, 2013 Site Staff 272

TUCSON, AZ — A multi-million dollar settlement concludes the disturbing case of Jose Guerena, the Iraq veteran who was riddled with bullets in his own home during a faulty SWAT raid. Not only did these paramilitary police perform a haphazard assault on an innocent family’s home, they prevented their victim’s wounds from being treated after they shot him dozens of times. The hefty disbursement of tax dollars to the Guerena family may be warranted, but does nothing to reign in the aggressive department which is responsible for this murder, nor does it ensure the public that these inept Drug Warriors will not kill their family next.

Army document describes technology that can transmit a voice into someone’s head

September 18, 2013 Site Staff 303

A declassified Army document titled “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons” describes a series of technologies that the military has developed, including one with the ability to transfer radio-frequency (RF) energy into a human target. The energy is perceived by the brain as sounds inside the target’s head as the microwaves are absorbed by the target’s body. This technology has already been proven capable of carrying modulated frequencies that sound like recognizable speech to the recipient. If fully developed, such a technology could be a powerful tool — for good, by silently transmit messages to hostages surrounded by captors — or for evil, by driving an unwitting man insane with voices in his head. Has the U.S. government ever used it?

Cop holds entire family on ground with Taser, faces no consequences

September 18, 2013 Site Staff 168

TOLEDO, OH — A bizarre scene was recorded in Toledo involving an officer aiming his Taser at an entire family, including a boy, as they were forced to lay in the middle of the street. According to witnesses, the aggressive encounter originated when a man questioned the way an officer was handling a license plate citation for his neighbor. The man who spoke up, and his entire family, were ripped from their vehicle and threatened with a taser.

Texas man was beaten by police, nearly drowned after being busted for sleeping in his own car without a permit

September 16, 2013 Liz E 259

After doing what he thought was the responsible thing, a man napping by the side of the road found himself being savagely beaten by police and almost drowned in the surf. He is now suing the city, as well as two officers involved in the incident, in federal court.

In response to the incident, the police chief said, “Our officers were faced with a violent offender, who ran, assaulted an officer and continually resisted arrest.”

The man served 100 days for evading arrest, but was not charged with assaulting an officer.

Unarmed man shot by police while seeking help after serious car accident

September 16, 2013 Site Staff 266

CHARLOTTE, NC — After pulling himself out of a devastating car accident, a man seeking help was shot and killed as he approached police officers, prompting a national outcry against the excessive use of force against an innocent, unarmed man. The police department reversed its initial defense of the shooting to actually charging the officer with voluntary manslaughter.

Cop refused to let family save injured fawn; instead threatened arrest, shot deer, and impounded their vehicle

September 13, 2013 Site Staff 74

CHELSEA, QUEBEC — A man driving down the road discovered a baby deer that had been freshly hit, immobilized yet showing no visible wounds. As he and his family attempted to save it, they were stopped by a police officer, who not only adamantly refused to allow them to help the fawn, but threatened them with arrest, impounded their vehicle, and shot the fawn.

‘Underground dinner parties’ defy the law in New York City

September 12, 2013 Site Staff 130

NEW YORK CITY, NY — There is a growing culture in NYC which involves strangers meeting up to share fine dining experiences in the private homes of strangers. These unique experiences bring people together for an evening of dinner and conversation. The guests pay the host for their trouble and then part ways. The trouble is, that’s illegal in New York City.

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